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Shallal-igans Parade at Nancarrow.jpg
Make-shift musical workshops followed by the most "Kernow Crazy" procession Cornwall had ever seen!
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Inspired by the Cornish tradition of "shallal" our Shallal-igans workshops gave children and their families the chance to learn ancient Cornish songs (some spoken in Cornish) before heading out through their village to make themselves heard for miles around!


Talented local musician and performer from our much-loved adaptation of "The Mousehole Cat", Richard Trethewey led the workshop alongside Michelle O'Connor and Sian Pilley in villages across Cornwall during the 2018 summer holidays.

Photography © Gordon Scammell

'Av your own Shallal-igans!

If you are planning an event and would like to find out more about the Cousin Jack's team brining a workshop along get in touch by emailing

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